Best Medical Student Admission Center in Ukraine

Kyiv Medical University

Established: 1992

Accreditation level: IV

Type: Private

Diploma after Graduation: State-recognized Degree

Forms of Study:Full-Time, part time Degree: Bachelor, Master, Specialist

Number of Students:10000

Teaching Staff: 1205

Directions of Training and specialties

Medicine and Veterinary Science
  • Faculties and Specialties

Medical Faculty

  • General Medicine;
  • Medical and preventative care;
  • Pediatrics.

Dentistry Faculty

  • Stomatology

Pharmacy Faculty

  • Pharmacy

Medico psychological Faculty

  • Medical Psychology

To get full and detail information concerning the terms of admission, enrolment conditions and necessary certificates for chosen specialties, please address to Admission Committee.

Material- technical base: 161 training bases ( among them 120 clinical and pharmaceutics bases), own Stomatological clinic, prophylactic sanatorium, sport recreation rest base, 8 academic buildings, lecture halls for 2.8 ths. of places, Ukrainian training center of family medicine, 26 computer rooms, 7 hostels. 12 students’ canteens and cafeterias, sport complex, sanatorium-preventorium per 75 places and recreation center in Konch-Zaspa per 407 places.