Best Medical Student Admission Center in Ukraine

Kyiv International University

Established: 1994

Accreditation level : IV

Type: Private

Forms of Study:Full-Time/ Part-time Degree: Bachelor, Master, Specialist

Number of Students: 6780

Teaching Staff: 59

Candidates of Science: 93

Professors and Doctor of Science: 37

Faculties and Specialties:

Institute of International Relations:
  • International Law
  • International Economic Relations
  • International Relations
  • Country Studying
  • International Information
  • Tourism
  • Computer Sciences
  • Foreign Politics

Institute of Journalism

  • Journalism

Institute of Television, Cinema and Theatre

  • Cinema and Television Art
  • Theatre Art

Institute of Linguistics

  • International Philology/ Language and Literature
  • Translation

Institute of Law

  • Law
  • Intellectual Property

Institute of Psychology, Social and Politics Sciences

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Politology
  • Social Work
  • High School Pedagogics

Faculty of Economics

  • Management
  • Finance and credit
  • Business Economics
  • International Economics

Faculty of Building and Architecture

  • Building

Medical Faculty

  • Pharmacy

To get full and detail information concerning the terms of admission, enrolment conditions and necessary certificates for chosen specialties, please address to Admission Committee.

Material-technical base: specialized cabinets with modern technical base: court room, criminalistics range, psychology laboratory, ling phone and compute laboratories, modern training TV and radio studios, a gym, choreographic halls, a library and reading rooms with modern literature, free access to Internet, press-centre, own publishing base, student Parliament etc.

Since 2003-2004 Kyiv International University became an active participant of International Projects under program of EC Tempus-Tacis. Students who study the program “Analysis of crises and making decisions in Ukraine” have also a chance to get a diploma of Rome University “La Sapienza” along with a state diploma.