Best Medical Student Admission Center in Ukraine

Kyiv Medical University

Established: 1992

Accreditation level: IV

Type: Private

Forms of Study:Full-Time/ Part-time Degree: Bachelor, Master, Specialist

Number of Students: 200

Teaching Staff: 258

Directions of Training and specialties

Medicine and Veterinary Science
  • Faculties and Specialties

Medical Faculty

  • General Medicine;

Dentistry Faculty

  • Stomatology

Pharmacy Faculty

  • Pharmacy

To get full and detail information concerning the terms of admission, enrolment conditions and necessary certificates for chosen specialties, please address to Admission Committee.

Material-technical base: general-scientific departments have their own bases; clinical departments are on the base of institutes and the best medical establishments of the city, there is a library, hostels for students.

Kyiv Medical University I recognized abroad, here study students from 20 countries of the world. Nowadays the University profitable collaborates with international establishments and keeps in touch with Great Britain, the USA, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and others. The University takes part in international science-educational program “Recovery”.

In Kyiv National Medical University works basketball, football and other sections, participants of these section became winners of different sport competitions. Students have a possibility to visit a swimming pool and a gym.