Best Medical Student Admission Center in Ukraine

Sumy State University

Location: Sumy

Established: 1948

Accreditation level: IV

Type: Public

Diploma after Graduation: State-recognized Degree

Forms of Study:Full-Time, part time

Degree: Bachelor, Master, Specialist

Number of Students:  22000

Teaching Staff:  600

Candidates of Science:  350

Professors and Doctor of Science: 60

Fields of study

• Automatics and Electrical Engineering

• Biology and Ecology

• Journalism and Publishing

• Information and Computer Technology

• Mathematics

• Mechanical engineering and metal working

• Medical and Veterinary

• Chemistry

• Economics, Management, Marketing

• Law and Jurisprudence

• Other


Faculties and specialties

Faculty of Humanities

• Journalism;

• Translation;

• Law.


Faculty of Economics and Management

• Economics of the environment and natural resources;

• Economics of enterprise;

• Marketing;

• Management of Organizations;

• Finance and Credit.

Faculty of Engineering

• Hydraulic and pneumatic machinery ;

• Ecology and Environment;

• Energy management ;

• Tool production ;

• Information technology ofdesign;

• Compressors and Vacuum Technology ;

• Applied Materials;

• Engineering Technology;

• Refrigerating machines and installations;

• The quality, standardization and certification;

• Chemical technology and engineering


The Faculty of Medicine

• General Medicine.


Mechanics and Mathematics

• Dynamics and strength;

• Computer Science;

• Applied Mathematics.

To get full and detail information concerning the terms of admission, enrolment conditions and necessary certificates for chosen specialties, please address to Admission Committee.

The keeps in touch with other institutions, educational organizations in Russia , Britain, Germany and France. With the assistance of the British Council at the Faculty of Foreign Languages teachers from England, France, Germany and the United States work. Student’s winners have a chance to study abroad.

The material base of the university includes academic buildings – 22 ,  audiences – 71 , group audiences – 231 teaching laboratories – 116, computer classes – 87 , 131, laboratory , library and information center, a common fund which is about 2.5 million printed works , reading rooms , campus , included nine dormitories, which allows for almost every student have a place in a dormitory , a large number of sports facilities : rowing and ski base , swimming pool , stadium , game , and gymnasiums , halls for wrestling.